Composite bonding, sometimes known as cosmetic bonding or instant veneers, is a simple yet effective dental treatment that can be used to restore the strength of a tooth, as well as creating a more attractive smile. The procedure involves skilfully using dental composite to re-shape the teeth, fill in chips and fill small cavities in the teeth. The process is very simple but can produce incredible results in just a single visit.


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When is bonding used?

At Time Dental composite bonding is a versatile treatment and can be beneficial for many patients. Bonding can be used to fill cavities (this is known as a white filling) and can reshape and repair teeth that have become chipped or damaged. The composite material is tooth-coloured and matched to the natural shade of your teeth to create a flawless finish.

White fillings

White fillings have become very popular in recent times, because they blend in with the natural colour of the tooth and cannot be seen. Metal fillings can look unsightly and are highly visible when you smile. A white filling procedure is straightforward and promises impressive results. The cavity is cleaned and any decayed tissue is removed, before composite material is poured into the hole and set firmly using an intensive light beam. Once the filling has set it will be trimmed and shaped to fit the cavity perfectly.

Reshaping and repairs

Cosmetic bonding is an effective means of improving the look of the smile. The composite material can be moulded to fill in chips and create a more aesthetically pleasing smile, whilst protecting the teeth from further damage. The material isn’t as strong as the natural tooth tissue, but it will last a long time if you look after your teeth well. The procedure to repair chips is very easy and involves your dentist moulding the composite into the chip or hole and then setting it using a light beam. The process takes just a few minutes but the results often make a huge difference to the appearance of the smile.

Composite bonding at Time Dental is an ideal treatment to cover up cracks and return your teeth to their natural, healthy glow.

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