Tooth loss can occur as a result of injury, trauma or severe decay. It is always worthwhile to replace lost teeth, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to restore the function of the teeth. The teeth support the lips and cheeks and missing teeth can cause them to sag, which can affect the overall appearance of the face and make you look older. Cosmetic Dentures are an effective means of replacing teeth and restoring full function to the mouth.

Many people still conjure up images of bulky, unattractive sets of false teeth when they hear the word ‘denture’, but modern cosmetic dentures are very light and natural looking and are designed for maximum comfort.

Complete dentures are used to substitute complete sets of absent teeth, while partial dentures are used to substitute a small number of missing teeth.

Case Study 1
Cosmetic dentures; before and after

Case Study 2
cosmetic dentures; before and after


    • The ability to chew and eat properly.
    • Aesthetic appeal: a set of dentures is much more aesthetically pleasing than gaps in the smile or no teeth at all.
  • Speech: dentures allow you to speak clearly and pronounce sounds properly.
  • Support for the cheeks: this works to create a better overall facial aesthetic.

Types of denture

There are many different types of denture but the most common include:

  • Removable partial dentures: these dentures are intended for patients who are missing a small amount of teeth.
  • Complete dentures: these dentures are intended to replace full sets of teeth on the upper or lower arch. The dentures are specifically intended to look like normal teeth and your Time Dental dentist will involve you in the complete treatment process to make certain that you are pleased with both the look and fit of the dentures.

Dentures are held in place by the natural suction between the denture and the gums and fixative is not usually required.

How long do cosmetic dentures last?

The shape of your mouth changes as you get older and therefore the dentures will start to become looser. It is advisable to replace dentures after 5 to 10 years.

The denture procedure

The procedure to fit dentures is straightforward. During the initial consultation your dentist will talk to you about your expectations and what the treatment will involve. They will then examine your mouth and create impressions, which will be sent away to a dental laboratory where they can create a bespoke set of dentures. Your trial dentures will be fitted and your dentist will check that the look and fit of the dentures is good. If you are happy your final dentures can be fitted and you can begin to enjoy your new smile.

Cosmetic dentures at Time Dental are no longer the stuff of nightmares, but will give you a natural looking and functional smile.

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