The Inman aligner is an innovative treatment which can straighten teeth in just 8-12 weeks. This orthodontic removable device is relatively invisible and gradually moves teeth into the desired position, using gentle forces generated by the two component parts; a springy coil that is based on the back of the teeth while a clear bar runs the length of the front teeth.

Developed in the USA the Inman aligner has attracted plaudits from dental experts all over the world. It is an incredible treatment which provides the perfect method for people who want quick and effective results. Time Dental’s very own Dr Rashid is a certified Inman aligner practitioner and can help you attain the smile you have always wanted. This is a teeth straightening treatment that works quickly and discreetly.

Patients also have the option to remove the Inman aligner brace, which enables them to eat what they want and feel confident in social situations. The removable orthodontic device also promotes better oral hygiene and is less painful than other options.

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    • Fast treatment time: treatment is usually complete within 8- 12 weeks
    • Greater flexibility: the device is removable, making it ideal for special occasions and to eat, drink and brush your teeth.
    • Improved oral hygiene: being able to remove the appliance allows for greater control over oral health.
    • Affordable: Inman aligner is much more affordable than fixed orthodontic braces
    • No tightening: the Inman aligner requires no tightening, which is the norm with metal braces and often painful and uncomfortable for the patient.


    • Speech: the Inman aligner may initially affect speech, but this will return to normal very quickly.
    • There maybe some initial discomfort, but this is only mild and can be overcome with analgesics during the early stages.
    • Visible bar: the clear bar component of the Inman aligner is visible and not as discreet as other invisible braces. The bar is a clear acrylic though, and treatment time is shorter than other methods.
    • Not suitable for everyone: the Inman aligner generates orthodontic movements only suitable for specific orthodontic problems.

    Value for money

    The Inman aligner represents very good value for money and is considerably more affordable than traditional braces. The specific amount of investment for your treatment can be discussed with a Time Dental dentist at a consultation.

    Inman aligner treatment at Time Dental is the ideal choice of teeth straightening for patients who want results quickly and comfortably.  The Aligner has been used on patients in Farnham, Fleet, Alton, Farnborough and the surrounding Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and West Sussex areas.

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