Onlays are bespoke, hand-crafted restorations which are used to fill large cavities. When cavities become too large the cusps on the back of the teeth can become weak and may even break if they are not protected or strengthened. This can make the cavity even larger and the tooth may eventually need to be removed. Onlays are used to strengthen the tooth, protect the cusps and restore normal function.

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The procedure

The tooth will be anaesthetised to prevent pain and then the cavity will be cleaned and any dead tissue removed. An impression will be made of the tooth and sent to a dental laboratory to be fabricated, which will then be returned and fitted using dental cement. This is then polished to create an attractive finish.

Onlays are custom-made for each patient and can be created from composite material or precious metals, including silver and gold. Composite onlays are designed to match the colour of the existing teeth, so they will blend in and remain invisible when you open your mouth. If you have metal onlays and feel that they are too visible, they can be replaced with ceramic onlays, which is a much more natural looking solution.

Onlays at Time Dental are an excellent option for people who have suffered cavities and want to give their smile back its natural strength and appearance.

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