A New Breed of Cosmetic Dentist in Farnham

A smile makeover is the cosmetic treatment used by many celebrities and involves a series of procedures which are designed to create a perfect smile. The aim of a smile makeover is not just to produce a beautiful smile, but a personal smile and for this reason, we will involve you in every step of the treatment process.

Work together

In order to determine which treatments need to be carried out, we will listen to your expectations and plan your procedures around them. The principles behind a successful smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry include factors such as symmetry, smile width, tooth proportion, the shade of your teeth and many more, all of which will be considered to ensure best results.

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Smile makeover stages

Once we have an idea of the appearance you want we can produce a 3D wax model of your mouth, known as a Diagnostic Wax-Up, which allows us to check the positioning and function of your teeth.

The next stage involves preparing your teeth and fitting temporary veneers, to give you an idea of what your new smile will look like. This will also allow us to make any changes before the permanent veneers are produced and make sure that you are happy with their appearance.

The final stage involves fitting your new restorations, which are produced by a master ceramist. In just a few weeks, your smile will look completely different and you will have a natural, flawless smile ready to show off to the world.

It is not going too far to say that smile makeovers at Time Dental, Farnham are a work of art, one that is created with the valuable input of both dentist and patient.


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