There are many ways in which you can lose a tooth but now there is no need to panic, because there are a number of highly effective restorative treatments available to fill the gap. When you lose a tooth it is advisable that you have it replaced, in order to return function to the mouth and improve overall aesthetics. A tooth gap left untreated can also contribute to a higher risk of oral health problems, such as disease and associated difficulty with speech and eating.

There are three main tooth replacement options available:

[cmsms_icon_list_items type=”block” icon_type=”icon” icon=”cmsms-icon-arrow-right” icon_size=”30″ heading=”h4″ icon_space=”100″ items_color_type=”icon” border_width=”10″ border_radius=”50%” unifier_width=”1″ position=”left” animation_delay=”0″][cmsms_icon_list_item icon=”cmsms-icon-arrow-right” title=”Dentures”]Dentures are removable prostheses which are used to substitute missing teeth. A partial denture will be used to replace a small quantity of teeth and a full denture can replace a complete set of missing teeth. Dentures are traditionally made of acrylic but they can also be created with metal and Valplast. Modern dentures look natural and function in exactly the same way as natural teeth. They also help to support the cheeks and lips, further enhancing the general aesthetics of the face.[/cmsms_icon_list_item][cmsms_icon_list_item title=”Dental bridge”]A dental bridge can replace one or more teeth and is attached to either side of the tooth gap. There are different types of bridge available and the one you choose will generally depend on the location of the gap and the health of surrounding teeth. Bridges can be made from ceramic, metal or porcelain, or can even be created from a mixture of these materials. Types of dental bridge available include Maryland bridges, cantilever bridges and traditional fixed bridges.[/cmsms_icon_list_item][cmsms_icon_list_item title=”Dental implant”]Dental implants will be inserted into sockets in the jawbone and will be combined with a new restoration to completely restore function and improve aesthetics. Dental implants can be used to support crowns, dental bridges and dentures and provide a long-term solution to missing teeth. Though the treatment can be expensive it promises long-term results, aiding in the prevention of bone loss and maintaining the structure of surrounding teeth.Tooth replacement options at Time Dental are numerous and effective, giving you a fine selection to restore your smile.[/cmsms_icon_list_item][/cmsms_icon_list_items]

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