Fillings are a type of restoration and are used to fill cavities and restore the function to teeth. This process is essential for restoring strength and robustness to teeth, so that they can keep up with the demands of everyday life. White fillings are made from a resin-based matrix and a filler. They are the preferred option to metal fillings, which can look unsightly and have had issues raised about their safety.

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The benefits

White fillings are able to bolster teeth that have cavities, restoring strength and preventing any further decay from occurring. Unlike metal fillings they will blend in with the natural colour of your teeth and will not be noticeable to other people when you speak or smile. White fillings are strong, durable and translucent, giving them a look that is easy to fit in with your natural teeth.

The procedure

The procedure for white fillings is simple and you do not have to worry about feeling any pain. The composite material is inserted into the cavity in layers and an intensive light beam is then used to set the material in place. After this the filling is shaped to fit the tooth perfectly and smoothed to create a polished finish.

White fillings can be used to restore teeth with small or medium sized cavities, but teeth with severe decay with require other additional treatment. However, fillings do not last forever and will eventually need replacing.

White fillings at Time Dental can give teeth the degree of strength needed to maintain vitality, durability and aesthetics.

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