Reasons to choose us:

1. Pain-free dental care:

We understand that experiencing pain is one of the big barriers for people visiting the dentist. That’s why we use special numbing gel and anaesthetic techniques to ensure your treatment is pain-free.

2. Evening and weekend appointments:

We all have busy lives so you can have early morning, evening and Saturday appointments.

3. Value for money:

We provide different payment options such as  pay as you go as well as monthly payments interest free for affordable dental care to suit your budget. Our special members plan also has great benefits to  provide even more value.

4. Tailored dental care:

Everyone has different dental requirements and that’s why our priority is to listen to your needs and provide you with dental care that is specific to you.

5. Stress-free dentistry:

We understand that a trip to the dentist for some people is an anxious visit which is why we can empathise with your apprehensions and give you relaxation techniques to help you feel more at ease.

6. Knowledge:

Our team has a thirst for knowledge, dedicated to continuing development, so we can provide you with the latest advances in dental treatment.

7. Word of mouth recommendations:

Don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at the comments people have made in the testimonial section.