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Abrasion In Farnham

Are you brushing too hard?

Using a hard bristled toothbrush or using a scrubbing motion with a manual or electric toothbrush could be damaging your teeth.  So how do you get the right balance of brushing firmly enough but not too aggressively?  “The best thing you can do for your dental health is to use an electric toothbrush,” says Dr Rashid of Time Dental in Surrey, “the electric toothbrush has a small head which helps to get around all your teeth.  If you’re using a toothbrush the size of a yard broom the best thing for that is in the bin.  Many people still use a scrubbing motion even with their electric toothbrush and if you do that you can cause what’s called abrasion cavities.  These are cavities that form on the tooth just where it comes up from the gum line. The hard brushing motion actually wears away the protective enamel layer exposing the softer dentine layer.  This can result in sensitivity and tooth decay.  In the early stages of abrasion a fluoride varnish can be applied by your dentist, however in some cases you will need composite bonding to help protect the tooth.  Composite bonding is an easy way of sealing the exposed area to prevent sensitivity and reduce the risk of decay.  The composite is tooth coloured which means you will not be able to see it and as it is bonded onto the tooth it helps to protect the vulnerable area.  If tooth decay starts in these areas it can spread very quickly towards the middle of the tooth where your nerve is, and that can make things more complicated to treat.  I would advise that you see your dentist and hygienist to guide you in the best brushing technique to prevent the abrasion cavities from starting.”

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