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Adult Braces At Dentist Near Camberley

A patient came to Time Dental looking to straighten her teeth.  She had always been bothered by her crooked upper and lower front teeth.  She was also unhappy with the discolouration of them.  She had heard about adult invisible braces and wanted to find out more information about them.

On assessing her mouth, she had quite significant crowding of both her upper and lower incisors.  The colour of her teeth were also very dark.

In order to straighten her teeth we discussed the following options:

1. orthodontic train track braces.  These can be metal or tooth coloured brackets and can take 12-24 months of treatment. The difficulty is ensuring your dental hygiene is at an optimium level, as the brackets make this very difficult.

2. Invisalign clear aligners.  The virtually invisible adult brace.  This system uses a series of clear aligners that are changed every 2 weeks which incrementally move your teeth.  Treatment time can be between 8-24 months depending on how much movement is required.  As they are reomvable you can eat your normal foods and cleaning your teeth normally.

3. Inman aligner.  A removable brace that can move teeth between 8-18 weeks.  Can achieve excellent results in straightening teeth.  Can only move the front teeth.

After fully discussing her options she was eligable for the Inman aligner and want to proceed with that option.

Time Dental provides the Invisalign and Inman aligner service for pateints in the Camberley, Winchester, and Petersfield as well as other areas in Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and West Sussex.

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