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Healthy Mouths With Cosmetic Dentistry At Dentist Godalming

A patient came to Time Dental looking for a new cosmetic dentist.  He had not been for a dental health check for a long time and was aware that he had lots of old mercury fillings that would need replacing and wanted tooth coloured fillings in place. He was looking for a dentist to help him keep his teeth and mouth healthy and so he did some research for dentists local to him and liked the reviews that patients had written about us.

On assessing his mouth he did indeed have a number of large mercury amalgam fillings that were failing.  There were gaps between the tooth and the filling and some teeth had cracks running down them.  Mercury amalgam fillings are being commonly replaced with tooth coloured alternatives.  Mercury fillings acutally expand and contract over time.  When teeth are heavily filled it often leaves the tooth quite weak. When this happens the tooth often breaks due to the weaker cusps. 

Direct white composite fillings are excellent for small to medium sized filings.  They bond to the tooth which helps to bring the strength of the tooth back.  They also look completely natural like the original tooth when placed by a skilled cosmetic dentist.  When cavities get to a very large size, onlays are often recommended.  You may be familiar with crowns, they encapsulate the whole tooth; onlays cover the biting surface of the tooth which helps to prevent fracture of the cusps; the margins are higher on the tooth which help you to keep it plaque free; and they are also bonded to the tooth to give it strength.  Onlays can be made of gold, resin or ceramic.

Time Dental prodives this service to patients in Godalming as well as the surrounding areas in Surrey, Hampshire, Werst sussesx and Berkshire.

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