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Straight Teeth With Adult Braces At Dentist Near Alton, Hampshire

Confident smiles can now be achieved with adult orthodontic braces.  Time Dental near Alton provides adult braces which are virtually invisible.  There are a a number of different methods for straightening adult teeth.

The Inman aligner is a removable orthodontic brace that can straighten teeth in a matter of weeks.  It works by very gently squeezing the front upper or lower incisors with special springs.

Clear aligners can also be used to straighten teeth.  Brands such as Invisalign is a great way of straightening teeth without people knowing it.  As they are clear they are virtually invisible.

Another new system called the 6 month smiles uses clear orthodontic brackets with tooth coloured wires that can straighten the teeth that you see when smiling.  A fantastic option for adults as they are also relatively discreet.

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