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Top Tip For Emergency Dental Treatment Near Fleet

Time Dental near Fleet in Hampshire provides top tips for dental emergency abscessWhat can you do when you have a dental emergency in the evening?  There are a number of different types of dental emergencies and not knowing what to do can leave you feeling pretty vulnerable.

A true dental emergency can be caught before getting to a state where it is acutely dangerous to your general health. A dental abscess resulting in a facial swelling, fever and difficulty swallowing is such an emergency.  Normally this condition can take time to build up to a facial swelling so seeing your dentist for your healthy mouth reviews is crucial to prevent this type of situation from occurring.

If it does happen take some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (as long as your medical history allows it) such as Ibuprofen; place a cold compress (ice cubes in tea towel or a bag of frozen peas) to the affected area; and alternate with rinsing the mouth with a warm salty water.  This helps to reduce the swelling and keeps things under control. Immediately contact your dentist for any additional advice or treatment.

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