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What Dentists Call Good Hygiene…

Every time I go to the dentist, on my way out I am given a five minute lecture of how different cleaning techniques using brushes, floss and mouthwash all help to keep good hygiene in check.  We all know what to do and yet every time I get home from the dentist my daily routine doesn’t change – and I’m betting the majority of you are the same…  The thing is, my teeth do not look like something out of a horror movie, so why bother?

Good oral hygiene is not just about your teeth giving that subtle twinkle every time you smile; it goes a whole lot deeper; and that sparkle is just a bonus.  Besides, if you really want that pop-star gleam then well, you’ve heard of Tooth Whitening… but I am talking about the deeper clean.

Tooth Whitening is great for confidence boosting but if your teeth are not getting a good daily ritual of Brush, Floss and Mouthwash then you may still be in trouble my friend.  Within a week, you can get this task down to 5 minutes once every morning and once every night and will be well on your way to preventing the dreaded gum disease and tooth decay.

I have had an insight into the Time Dental practice and have seen the way oral hygiene really works.  As it turns out, when a hygienist and dentist say “have an examination every 6 – 12 months, and try alternative healthy options instead of sugary drinks”, they MEAN it!  These people actually care about you and your teeth; they want to see you smile with all of natures natural beauty… and if you think Gum Disease and Tooth Decay is bad, just Google ‘Periodontitis’ and you’ll see what I mean!”

So I’m going to brush the dust off my roll of floss, give my teeth a fresh lease of life and start grinning that grin today.

I encourage you to take this information and do the same!

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