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Cosmetic Dentist In Farnham

A client came to see us in Farnham recently having broken a filling on his front tooth.  He had a very important speech to give and needed to look his best.

On inspecting the tooth, he had lost a filling that had been placed there three times in the past.  This was a worry as we had to first find out why this was happening before repairing the tooth with immediate cosmetic bonding.  Had missing teeth at the back and was therefore placing alot of pressure on his front teeth where he was doing all his biting and chewing which the front teeth and not designed to do.

We discussed his treatment options, and for the short term he just wanted to look reasonable for his speech the following day.  So we carried out cosmetic bonding on the front tooth and shaped a new surface using composite white filling.

For the long term health of his mouth, we discussed options for possible cosmetic dentures to balance out his bite, and porcelain crowns on his front teeth that were severely damaged.  The porcelain crowns would protect the damaged teeth and allow him to bite without the risk of his teeth breaking.

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