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Replacing Mercury Fillings For Health At Dentist Farnborough

A patient came to Time Dental for a healthy mouth review.  She had not been to see a dentist for sometime and wanted to ensure her mouth was healthy.  She was aware that she had a number of old mercury fillings and did not like the look of them.

On assessing  her mouth her mercury fillings were in fact failing.  The larger mercury fillings had cracks down the tooth and decay had taken hold.  Mercury fillings weaken your teeth overtime, on placement more of the tooth needs to be removed to lock the fillings in which essentially weakens the tooth.  They also exapnd and contract and combined with the forces from chewing, minor cracks in the tooth occur.  Once this happens bacteria can seep into the cracks and start the decay process.  Often the filling can break or the tooth will break.

Catching this early is a great preventative way of keeping the tooth healthy.  Small to medium sized amalgam mercury fillings can be replaced with direct white composite fillings.  Once placed by a skilled cosmetic dentist not only will the tooth be restored to health, but it will look like a natural tooth again.  White composite fillings can last many years, they also bring the strength of the tooth back as they bond and stick to it.

Time Dental provides this service to patients in Farnborough as well as the surrounding towns in Hampshire, Surrey, West sussex and Berkshire.

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