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How Veneers Can Improve A Smile For Patients In Farnborough

A patient came to Time Dental looking for a way to improve his smile.  He had a lot of dentistry over the years but this was more remedial care rather than comprehensive dental care.  He had lost his upper front tooth 20 years ago and had a bridge in place which had now chipped due to something he had eaten.  He not only wanted to know his options about the chipped bridge but he also wanted to feel more confident when smiling.  He had changed jobs 2 years ago and was in a more customer facing position.  He was aware that when he smiled he would cover his mouth.

We discussed his options which really depended on what his final goal was. The options for his chipped bridge were either to replace the bridge for a more aesthetic ceramic bridge, or remove the bridge and place a dental implant.  A dental implant is a great way of replacing missing teeth.  The implant replaces the root of the tooth which then holds a post to which a crown is secured in place.  The advantage of a dental implant is that it helps preserve the boney support around that area and there is no need to prepare the teeth on either side of the gap.

To help him with confidence, we also discussed his options of improving the shape and colour of his adjacent teeth with dental porcelain veneers.  Porcelain veneers are thin laminates of ceramic that are bespoke handcrafted to each individual tooth which are bonded to the tooth to improve shape, colour and form.

Time Dental provides this service to patients in Farnborough as well as other areas in Hampshire, Surrey, West sussex and Berkshire.

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