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Fizzy Drinks Linked With Depression From Dentist In Surrey

A research study carried out in the US has found that people who drank more than four cans of fizzy drink a day were 30% more likely to be diagnosed with depression compared to those who did not drink fizzy drinks.

The researchers studied the drink consumption of 263,925 men and women aged 50 -71.  After 10 years from the initial evaluation, participants were asked whether they had been diagnosed with depression since 2000.

For more information see: http://www.dentistry.co.uk/news/diet-fizzy-drinks-linked-depression

Fizzy drinks can cause rapid tooth decay if drunk on a daily basis due to the high amount of sugar in them.  Not only that but the fizz, which is carbonic acid,  can cause erosion of the tooth surface which can cause a huge amount of tooth damage. The fizzy drinks can erode through the hard enamel surface of the tooth leaving you at risk of further tooth decay and sensitivity.  One top tip if you drink fizzy drinks is to drink it through a straw.  This means that the drink will by-pass the teeth and reduce tooth damage.

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