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Invisible Adult Orthodontic Braces- What’s It All About?

Time Dental before adult orthodontic braces

Time Dental after adult orthodontic braces









In the last 3 years we have seen a surge of patients looking to feel more confident by improving their smile while maintaining their own teeth.

What they mean is they want a natural improvement of their smile and don’t want ceramic veneers or crowns. Many members of the public suffer from twisted, crooked, uneven teeth which results in them hiding their teeth when smiling, not smiling or covering their mouth.

One of the many options to improve the smile is to use adult orthodontic braces. When you think of orthodontic braces most people have the image of having to wear metal traintracks for 2 -3 years. That is not the case anymore. Advances in orthodontic technology allow correction of the front teeth in just a few months with very discreet dental braces. Think about it…. More confidence with your straight teeth teeth in just a few months.

There are many systems available, so the best thing to do is to discuss your options with your dentist. Time Dental have made “The Ultimate Guide to Straighter Teeth”. Download your copy FREE copy HERE to get more information about it.

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