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The secrets to eliminate bad breath- Time Dental report

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What is bad breath?

Bad breath or halitosis is an unpleasant smell that comes from the mouth and is noticed when someone is speaking or exhaling.

Why do we get bad breath?

Bad breath or halitosis is generally due to bacteria that breaks down proteins and other food debris releasing an unpleasant odour. Often the person with halitosis is not aware that they have it.

What causes bad breath?

There are many factors that can result in bad breath:

Morning bad breath (due to the mouth being dry overnight causes bacteria to stagnate); dry mouth (xerostomia- due to certain medicines and medical conditions); food (eg garlic, onions, spicey food), drinks (alcoholic) and medicines; smoking; crash dieting or fasting; and other medical causes which is uncommon.

Most people who get bad breath will be due to bacteria and debris within the mouth. This can come from food debris stuck between teeth and under the gumline; plaque bacteria, tartar and gum disease; a coating on the back of the tongue; and tonsilitis.

How do you prevent bad breath?

The first step is to have excellent dental health regime.

  • Brush your teeth and gums twice a day- this will help remove bacteria and food debris.
  • Clean in between your teeth at least once a day with floss or interdental brushes- this will remove the debris and plaque build up in between your teeth.
  • Brush your tongue gently or use a tongue scrapper- this will eliminate the bacteria and the coating on the surface of the tongue.
  • Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly so that they can help you identify problem areas early so they can give you prevention advice.
  • Quit smoking
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day- dehydration can result in bad breath.
  • Limit the amount of food intake that contain raw garlic and onions
  • Try eating an apple or chewing gum after eating a meal for 10-15 mins- helps the mouth produce more saliva that washes away food debris.
  • Take a glass of water to bed- if you get thirsty at night take a sip of water to reduce dry mouth.
  • Use an alcohol free mouth wash at a different time to brushing

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