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The best way to get straight teeth…

At Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey we see lots of patients who are looking to improve their smile. Most of our patients come to see use because they are very self conscious of their crooked teeth. So they will often hide it with their hand or not even smile at all. This is especially the case when photos are being taken and nowadays photos on smart phones are being taken all the time! We also see many brides-to-be as they want to look their best for their wedding day.

The main goals of the patients is to have straight teeth so that they can feel more confident. With the advances of teeth straightening we can achieve confident smiles in as little as 7 months. Now that is fast!

In the video above, Dr Rashid discusses the 2 most popular choices for teeth straightening. Clear aligners and Clear fixed braces for adults. These 2 options for adult orthodontics work in different ways but can achieve the same goal. What you have to decide is what the most important factor for getting to your end result is for you.

If you want fast treatment go with the clear fixed braces. If you want braces as discreet as possible, go with the clear aligners. Sometimes case are just too complex for clear aligners and the only option is the clear fixed brackets. Your dentist at Time Dental would be able to advise you once he has assessed your case. Just imagine how your smile would look if we straightened them for you. What would that mean to you and how would it make you feel?

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