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Facial aesthetics: An overview from Time Dental in Farnham

facial-aestheticsFacial aesthetics is a treatment that is used to soften expression lines on the face and define facial contours. There are surgical and non-surgical methods for facial aesthetics. The non-surgical method involves injections for relaxation of wrinkles and injectable filler products to enhance and rejuvenate the face.

Wrinkle relaxation:

This will involve the product botulinum toxin. There are many brand names, but they all have the same key product that relaxes the muscles used for frowning. Botulinum treatment for wrinkle relaxation is temporary and can last from 3-5 months depending on each case. It is often used in the upper third of the face to help soften wrinkles between the eyes, the horizontal lines on the forehead and the lines around the eyes. It can also be used for clenching muscles as well as dimples on the chin and muscles that make a gummy smile.

Dermal Fillers

This product has hyaluronic acid which already occurs naturally in the skin. The dermal filler is injected into very specific areas on the face to add volume and reduce facial lines. It is often used in the mid and lower face. Common sites are around the cheek areas, the line between the nose and lips, the corners of the mouth as well as the lips. The treatment can last for 8 to 12 months.

Although these types of treatment are cosmetic they are in fact a medical procedure and should always be viewed as such. As a medical procedure it is important to fully understand the risks and side effects involved. Your clinician should be able to answer all your questions such as realistic expectations, what it feels like and the effects immediately after treatment.

At Time Dental our clinician has studied facial anatomy for many years which is extremely important when using injectable products. This is because the thorough understanding of anatomy, nerve supply and blood supply reduces the risks when having treatment such as this.

This treatment when carried out in safe hands will help to improve and rejuvenate your face to reduce the tired look.

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